Earn tips at your shows using Applaus

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What is Applaus

Increase your revenue
Applaus is a QR code based tipping platform that helps artists increase their revenue at live performances.
Build your community
You can build your fanbase, connect and engage with fans and offer real-time incentives and rewards.
Applaus gives you new data and support to build your music career.

Quick Signup

Easy on boarding to get you started using the Applaus app. Our step by step instructions guide you in to creating a new event.


Using QR code

During live shows and online shows, share your QR code or unique URL with fans and encourage them to connect with you.


Simplified QR Tipping

Once your fans scan your Qr code or click your URL, they can tip you from your custom webpage. Simple and easy to use.


Timely Payments

Our fees include 3.5% to payment processor plus and 6.5% for us to run the platform. Payment are made every 48hrs


Connect with artists

Using our AI powered serach tool, you can easliy find gigs, band members and industry experts based on your location


Stay safe & secure

Our two steps verifications give you extra security when you want to withdraw money. Our support team is avaliable to help with any concerns.