Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is is a proprietary software platform designed to help artists receive ‘cashless tips’ during live or digital performances.

Q: What does do? provides individual artists with a frictionless solution to receive tips, by allowing fans to use their mobile device to quickly and easily send money!

Our technology is also used in many other categories including mass gathering fundraising (whether live, in person, or digitally streamed), charitable donation funding, religious gatherings (including online service streaming), not for profit support, venue maintenance funding, delivery driver tipping, tipping of non-front line workers who are otherwise unable to access tips, and other opportunities for contactless, frictionless tipping, fund raising, and alternative payment plans for goods and services.

Q: What is a cashless tip?

A cashless tip is a digital, mobile payment that any user can send using a mobile device. It's ideal for those situations when a fan would like to leave a tip or someone would like to make a payment, but doesn't have cash, exact change, or an easy way to deliver the tip (think of a crowded bar or concert venue). The most appreciative fans with no cash, or no way or place to leave a tip, have no choice but to walk away feeling guilty and slightly awkward. completely and efficiently solves that problem.

Q: How do I send a cashless tip?

It’s super easy! No mobile app is required.

Step 1: Launch the camera on your mobile phone and point it at the QR code, which is displayed either on a printed card or piece of paper, on a digital screen, or in the corner of a live stream. No need to take a picture, just bring the QR code into view.

Step 2: Follow the prompt to take you to the relevant website.

Step 3: Enter tip and leave feedback.

It’s that simple! No need for you to register for an account, or leave contact or payment information.

Q: Does the recipient of the tip need their phone to receive it?

No. The person sending the payment needs a mobile phone with a camera, which is pretty much every single mobile phone in use today. And almost everyone carries their mobile phone with them 24/7, so they always have access to

The person receiving the payment does not need an app or a mobile device on hand, just a Stripe account to be paid their tips. For maximum impact, the person receiving the payment needs a way to make the QR codes visible and FUN.’s system is flexible. Our QR codes can be displayed and catered to match the payment recipient’s desired branding.

Q: What is a QR code?

A QR code consists of black squares arranged in a square grid on a white background, which can be read by an imaging device such as a mobile phone camera or scanner. The information embedded in the QR code cannot be easily read with the naked eye. QR codes are nearly impossible to manipulate once published or generated!

A QR Code offers a way to make tipping fast, easy, and secure through Stripe, which processes the payments.

Q: How do I scan a QR code with my mobile phone?

Scanning a QR code no longer requires a separate bar code reader. Just launch your mobile phone camera and hover over or point at the QR code. There’s no need to take a photo. The camera will detect the QR code and ask if you would like to be taken to the associated website. Tap the prompt that appears at the top of the phone’s screen and you’ll be directed to the payment page.

Q: How does use QR codes? has built into our platform the ability to generate QR codes and link them to a specific recipient’s account. Each code that is generated is unique. Scanning an generated QR code directs to a payment screen where the fan can enter a tip. No typing or trying to write down a URL address, name, phone, or email.

QR codes are assigned to an individual person, event or venue.

If, for some reason, the mobile phone user cannot access a network at that moment, they can take a picture of the QR code and complete the process at a later point in time, whenever they choose! No more missed payment opportunities because of bad network connections!

Q: What’s unique about’s system of cashless tipping?

Fast. No mobile app is required. All a customer needs is a mobile phone with a camera. The fan points their phone camera over the QR code and a payment screen is activated. The customer enters the tip amount and provides personalized feedback if desired.

Easy. Artists do not need a mobile device to be tipped. All that’s needed is an QR code, uniquely assigned to the individual musician.

Convenient. Tip from anywhere, at any time. An QR code can be printed, posted, shared, streamed, emailed...

Anonymous payments. Unlike many peer-to-peer mobile payment systems, with, the fan does not need to download an app or exchange personal details to send a tip. Transactions are anonymous if that’s what both or either party prefers..

Transparency. Tipped artists are notified in real time when a tip is sent. Artists can view their tip history and manage tips through Stripe.

Security. We are proud to use Stripe, an industry leader in payment processing. does not store any personal or financial information on our servers.

Q: How do I display my QR code?

You can do this in several different ways:

  • Download image and save on your mobile device
  • Share QR code and URL via text or email
  • Send as an attachment
  • Post on website and social media channels
  • Print QR code on business cards, flyers, posters
  • Embed URL as a link on printed materials
  • Display on monitor, live stream, YouTube

Q. How do I track my tips, and what does all this cost me?

With an account, you’ll be able to track your tips and manage your profile through your own dashboard. When a tip is sent, you’ll also receive a notification via text or email.

Fast and direct payouts. Once you have an account, you’ll be provided with a free Stripe account. Your tips will be deposited directly into your bank account by Stripe within 3-7 days.

Safe and secure payments processing. We partner with Stripe, a leading global payments processor to meet the highest industry standards and compliance. All financial information is kept on Stripe’s secure and encrypted servers and not by

Nominal transaction fees. For each transaction, Stripe charges 2.89% + $.30. We pass these costs onto you and do NOT mark them up. We also add a 5% charge to keep our platform operating. We give the person sending the payment the option of adding the total transaction fee to their payment.

So, for example, if a person wants to send a $100 payment to an artist, and the artist is in Ontario Canada, here is how the payout works:

  • Payor is charged $100 (assuming they do not want to increase their payment to cover the transaction costs)
  • Stripe keeps $2.89+$0.30= $3.29
  • We keep $5.65 ($5.00 plus 13% Ontario HST)
  • The artist receives $91.06.